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Game News
Welcome! Head on over to the forums and sign up, as well as adding your name to the guild roster. If you find any helpful information on HM bosses, Ops, or other things that are useful, post them in the library!

We have a schedule in place! Check 'Raid Calendar' to see upcoming events and sign up for them!
Guild News

If you ever need me...

Hazzarad, Apr 19, 12 7:26 PM.
You can message me on facebook...for those nights when no one is on and you need an officer or GM to add or approve something

Scheduled events!

Hateplow1027, Mar 19, 12 5:59 PM.
We have several new events scheduled! These will be sign-up based, meaning you NEED to sign up for a spot for the event or we cannot promise you will go. Members registered for the event will always be preferred to people not signed up, and in the event we get more people than we need, it will be first come first serve when the group is formed (usually about 5-10 minutes before the raid time).

HM8 Mans will be invite only until we can get them down and figure out who our core group is, but please sign up so we know you are willing to participate.

Along with the scheduled ops, we will also be mixing it up a bit and having some events where there may not be a level/gear requirement so EVERYONE gets a chance to participate. This will include guild photo ops, datacron hunts, leveling contest, pvp grouping and more! Check out the calendar today and sign up for an event!


Hateplow1027, Mar 14, 12 3:46 AM.
Great job tonight guys! We cleared EV Normal without a single wipe! We were also able to clear 3/5 KP bosses immediately after, which is a hell of a run for one night. Our next focus will be getting a raid for those who could not attend, working on honing our 8 Man HM group, and orchestrating more guild events that dont have gear/level requirements (guild photos, leveling competitions, pvp competitions, datacron hunts, etc). This will take some time to get the rhythm down, but more info on all of these ideas will come soon. For now, keep up the great work!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Hateplow1027, Mar 7, 12 1:47 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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